57 min, HD 

"The beautiful game of golf, a metaphor for life. A battle against the forces of nature and the self. With the introduction of Tiger, the sport reached unimaginable heights. The young prodigy breached the trench of the heavily white dominated sport with the aim of conquering it. In Tiger’s world, adversity was a challenge to overcome. Famed for being archaic, and middle-class, Woods singlehandedly transformed the perception of golf, opening the industry up to a new wave of youth and diversity. Not only did he influence the background of golf, but the game itself, altering the fundamental fabric of athleticism within the sport. Driving the ball further than ever before. Despite the stream of negativity surrounding Tiger’s private life, he has undoubtedly had the greatest effect of any sportsman on any sport in the modern era. Experience the highs and lows of arguably golf’s greatest ever icon."

51 min, HD 

On Saturday February 11th, 2012 music royalty descended on Los Angeles for the Grammys and Whitney Houston checked into the Beverly Hilton Hotel. In preparation for the pre-Grammy Awards party - an annual affair thrown by the music impresario and her mentor, Clive Davis - Houston’s assistant, Mary Jones, laid out a dress on Whitney’s hotel bed and left to pick up other red carpet dresses put aside for Whitney at Neiman Marcus department store. A tragic scene was to meet Jones on her return to the suite - Superstar Whitney Houston was laying motionless facedown in the bathtub. Whitney Houston had a voice that only comes around once in a lifetime. A voice that opened doors all over the world for every female artist who came after her. And a voice whose final cry for help was not heard.

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